Dancing Diva

The sun is beautiful today, I wear a crown of stars…The hem of my gown shifts glittering leaves, over earth-rended scars,

Wind is cold but thoughts are warm, stoking inner fires…Twirling lightly on the broken glass, of discarded desires,

Here I am, the dancing diva, of moonlit fantasy…Smiling for no apparent reason, do you think of me?

I kiss the breeze, that elusive lover, reminds me of your lips…Ethereal, and lacking substance, and still I ponder this,

Like the eager song of a morning lark, wrapped around your finger…I tell myself to cease this writing, and yet my pen still lingers,

Strokes the page, all pristine white, like hot eager flesh…Captured by the words, prosing on, with butterflies in my chest,

Lifted lightly, like a cloud, around the mountain’s face…Released, alas, from a smiling chain, my demons all out paced,

This dream weaver, laughing Buddha, majik carpet ride…Trancending darkness, eracing doubt, with angels at my side,

I took a walk, in unknown lands, and I learned my lesson well…I dicovered the secret of life and death, but I won’t kiss and tell,

Taking wing, the flight of a heron, slow, with languid grace…I drink the rain with an eager tongue, a tear leaves solemn trace.

To The Rabbit


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