Stoking Inner Fires

The sky was red tonight, on fire with possibilities and potential. I watched it, and I wondered what such an omen could bring. The winds of change are felt keenly these days. I can feel the time slipping, sliding, pouring away from me, but in these moments when the trees sway and the sharp tang of snow tumbles off the mountains and teases my nostrils with a smell as fresh as baking bread, I know I will be okay. As long  as I am sustained by these small offerings of peace, I know I will bloom in the light of Her regard.

 I am seizing each day, like the opportunity it is. I will no longer hide from the promptings of my heart, or the wisdom found in the downward spiral of a falling leaf. I will inhale the majik of each new sunrise, and expel a breath of life into the frosty air.

 Here I am, transcending mundane worries, daily cares, for the more appealing embrace of a chosen purpose.

 For a while there I was lost, wandering in a world of darkness, and did not notice the awe-inspiring clarity of the stars wheeling above. I did not feel the pull of the moon, or the gentle kiss of the cold autumn sun. My feet were blind to the earth I trod upon, and my ears were deaf to the sound of wings.

 But here I am re-born. In this quiet, unassuming moment, watching the sunset fill the sky with flames.

 This heart may be fragile, but my soul is unbreakable, unshakable, and will not be swayed in the pursuit of freedom. Gravity is but a light afterthought when confronted with the sheer force of this new notion.

 As my pen scratches the page the heavens slowly darken, the daytime sorrows making way for this moon-watching dreamer. The warmth still lingers within me, my retina burned with an image of hope.

          I smile in the gathering gloom….

                               I no longer fear the darkness.


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