The Palace Fool

I am a juggler, the palace fool, do you like flying custard pie?

I’ve got a quip for every embarrassing moment, moths escape my sighs,

Bells tinkle madly on my silly hat, as I caper about the truth,

I can stay on my feet for hours yet, without it shaking loose,

I can rhyme like a poet and sing like a bird, though I’m not to be admired,

Just your personal harlequin, your easy target, watch me play with fire,

It’s really a gas when I fall on my face, can’t seem to keep my feet,

I’m sure these big red shoes don’t help, but I think they’re really neat,

Too bad they’re not the ruby slippers, I’d click my heels three times,

Find my home in the right set of words, fill those waiting lines,

But that’s not the fate of your little joker, I just gotta tuck and roll,

When cannon balls start flying around, and jiggling jelly bowls,

watch carefully now, as I palm this coin, I’m good at what I do,

I’ll never tell you where it went, I love confusing you,

It’s all about the mis-direction, about knowing when to run,

So pull the string as I walk away, and watch me come undone.


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