I lay back onto the bed of my conscience, fluffing a metaphorical pillow…The silk sheets of thought stroke eager flesh, where no tongue trails glisten.

      The night breeze brushes the back of my neck, whispering in my ear…Of all those things we could indulge, were it not lacking in substance,

     An eager lover, these weightless fingertips, lightly down my spine…Hopes, wild dreams caressing my head, filling me with wanting.

     The lightest of pondering, subtle and quiet, a temptation in the darkness…To speak those words, pluck forbidden fruit, from that solitary tree,

     Lurking in shadows, prowling the fringe, salivating jaws…A hunter robbed of tender meat, where is my rightful prey?

     ” Take a chance,” says that dangerous voice “Walk the unknown path…That will lead you down, right out of your depth, and into a sea of passion,”

     A plea for mercy on my empty lips, begging for a drink…I would take that chance if I knew the way, through the maze of indecision.

     “Just leap” says a full moon, the starless night, “Spread your wings to fly or die…There lies a crack in the big stone wall, of your one good defense.”

     These scars have seared me, a lingering heat, in hands that learned to heal…Unbroken, untamed by the merciless fire, I am reaching into the flames,

     That raging inferno  in my chest, quenched by a single tear…Containing the salt of life and resolution, unconquered by my solitude,

                 The night belongs to me.


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