Birth of a Tiger

There was once a girl with stars in her eyes, and sunshine in her hair…When her heart was broken she screamed, and cried, but nobody really cared,

So the stars fell down with a mighty crash, the sun was eclipsed by doubt… She found some strength she thought would last, and a key to let her out,

Holding her head up high and proud, smiling through her pain…In a world of silence, without a sound, she danced between the rain,

Now a tiger lurks behind her eyes, the weakness hidden away…She vowed to concur a world of lies, and take things day by day,

So she discarded the dreams of a flightless mind, and built with blocks of stone…stepping foreward, never glancing behind, she learned to be alone,

Now Cupid’s arrows fly harmlessly, right above her head…And when the mist is cleared it’s plain to see, the corpses of her dead.


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