Yearning for Spring

In the depths of my winter I yearn for the spring…To warm my bones, and saturate my flesh…To break the ice around my heart…Free it from the prison of my chest,

Lonely, gazing through the bars of my rib-cage…Tapping a grudging convict’s beat…Staving away the silence of ceturies…Just so much rotting, breathing meat,

Tapity-tap goes that staccato sound…As it pumps my sluggish veins…Breath fills my lungs but chills my flesh…Reliving aincient pains,

Spiraling down, I am caught on the song…Of an eager morning lark…It penetrates my doom and gloom…Banishes the dark,

Listening closely, I hear the sleepy tune…Of seeds who bide their time…Deep beneath the icy freeze…’Till the breeze is warm and kind,

I heed that lesson, as old as the earth…Hold it in my heart…For not even the blackest night of sadness…Can tear this soul apart. 


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