“Leap” says the trees, going drip drip with a winter rain…”Come see” says the road, pulling my footsteps…”Squish” says a soggy boot.

“I’m here, I’m here” I say to the river, who only tells me to Shhh…”Hello” says a fern waving in the wind, I wave back, and my leather jacket goes “Creak”…Adding it’s melody to the sounds of 2 a.m.

“Crunch” in the gravel, with an eager heel, avoiding the smirking puddles…”Hope” whisper the pieces of my heart…Pooling in my footprints.

Left in the wake of my passing…Glittering by the light of a Blue Moon…The broken bits of me.

“Love” murmmers the wind, with fingers in my hair…Moving on into the darkness, with the tread of a cat…Eying the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Walk on the wild side” says Lou Reed, softly in my ear…

                                         And I do…I do.


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