The Fall

   Oh yes, I fell, didn’t have to go far… Tumbled from heaven, like a dying star,

Crashed to the ground, on a sudden whim… Confusion, and turmoil warning within,

   There was no net, no cushioned fall… No ears to head my lonely call,

Just decimation, destruction, of useless fears… The abrupt dismissal of childish tears,

   acknowledged, that weakness, from which I ran… With the sands of time pouring through my hand,

An hourglass reflected, in my eye… Watching each moment pass me by,

   Almost, almost, two steps away… Dancing, doubtful thoughts at play,

What is it, where am I, can’t you see?… Your hooded gaze, eluding me,

   Hopeless, hopeful, I vacillate… Between the two extremes your proximity creates,

Once, you were there, and then you weren’t… My reaching hand was promptly burnt,

   But I’ve felt the pain of fire before… And I will not turn away anymore,

So just push me, pull me, with your tides… I’ll ride the currents of your mind,

   Like a sailor, riding high at sea… I love the way, you torture me.


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