Morning Cup Of Coffee

Takin’ a long walk, on a short road, where all the leaves go squish,

A silent place will hold this poem, in a palm or in a fist,

One moment, a precious gaze, spoke a thousand pristine words,

Morning, that mountain, with a lifted haze, new ears to hear the birds,

footsteps grown somehow light, while my key is heavy weight,

After-images burned in my sight, juggling with fate,

Think I’m lost, may have been found, the stereo plays my song,

I sway, a breath, lost in sound, how the night can seem so long…

                                                      -To Jo


One thought on “Morning Cup Of Coffee

  1. Jo

    Beautiful! Glorious!
    I am honored… free’d by your pen…
    Oh the weight of your key!!!
    And oh the long night…
    Sway and I will catch you


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