Journal Entry 3/30/10

  “Dreams can come true, says the radio. I wonder…. Perhaps I will find some sort of short cut or loophole through the maze of life, a safe corner to hide in. It may be that I won’t hide at all, and I’ll just leap, pounce, rip and tear. Hunt down my happiness with a lashing tail…. Yes, maybe that is what I’ll do.

  Nobody will be expecting this reversal, it may be in that way I will get the drop on them. Annie Oakly, taking aim with my pen and blowing them all away. Yes, perhaps that is the way…

   Learning how to bend like the trees, without breaking. Discovering how deep my roots can penetrate the darkness of the earth. Reaching into the hidden places, past the stones and animal burrows, to find that hidden drink. Watering my soul in the pristine liquid of another’s mind…”


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