Crowded Silence

   The free-loading abundance of Technicolor emotion, have latched onto the coat-tails of my imagination. Tugging insistently on my thoughts, like a precocious three year old demanding attention.

   In full surround sound the scratching of a pen in the darkness, and a 3-D image of beauty parading past. The ceaseless patterns of a revolving universe flicker by on the sidelines, the peripherals, and wait for a moment to pounce.

   A twisted convolution of emotion and desire, juggling fire like a well trained circus freak. Dancing, twirling, spiraling around in the eddies of life like a wayward autumn leaf. Plucking little stars out of the sky, and putting them on a page.

   Just one more day… Just an ordinary day.

   Learning the full depths of my hapless transition, and the heights of my inner solace. In one line of ink, written on the sly…



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