So here, in this place, where silence dwells like shadows at the edges of the room… This place where every moment culminates into little blue lines, I am free.

Flawless, the countenance of this aspect. Alone is not bereft… Emptiness is not a lack… Solace gains power in understanding.

This pristine clarity lives in the space between one breath and the next… The slightest loophole for revolution to creep in.

Overturning old ideals and wisdom, dusting away the accumulated grime of centuries.

One pen, to fight all the demons of chaos.

One page, to articulate the turmoil of thought.

One phrase, to eclipse all other false pretenses.

This is where I live… The perfect harmony of a heartbeat, and the smooth roll of ink. A placement so complete, all other incidences are rendered to mere redundancy.

My name is Kelley Rose, and I did.


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