End Of May

  Ah yes… The lazy sway of the breeze in the trees, the intoxicating caress of sunshine, the symphony of birds and river… Springtime in my head.

  All my blooms have burst forth from the black earth, and scent my thoughts with with the heady aroma of contentment.

   My toes wiggle in the warm grass, being tickled, like the memory of laughter in the morning.

   Encompassing blue sky in the palm of my hand, I gaze into it like a fortune teller with a crystal ball. Each perfect facet reflecting the enviroment and circumstance in a myriad variety of color. An endless array of refracted moments painted on the surface of my brain… A rare jewel, that burns with the steady light of hope.

  Sun rises and sets, the moon is close behind, and the westward fire slowly fades into the soft breath of night… I will make a wish on the first star to show her pretty face.

  Just an ordinary day, at the end of May…..



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