The Crossroads

Envision a moment of solitude… utter contentment, and peace of mind… The gentle whisper of the river, rustling alder boughs, and the distant drumming of a red-headed woodpecker.

Let your toes wiggle in the sand, tilt your chin to the sunshine, inhale the taste of summer…

Do you feel it? Are you there?

When the world creates a tempest of change, surf on each tidal wave that rages to your shores… Stand fast, hold tightly to the earth, and sing as it buckles beneath you… Ride the storm out on the stallions of your wildest expectations, and grip with your knees on the heaving flanks of impossibility.

Shine like the star that you are, and do not allow anyone to tame the wildness of your spirit.

In the end, the only thing you truly own is yourself. May you never sell it to buy your happiness.


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