Journal Entry 7/2/10

“The world turns, and I spin right along with it. Spiraling ever faster, until the scenery of life is a blur of color, and I am dizzy with the centripetal motion of patterns.

Each day I greet the rising sun with a song on my lips, harmonizing with the birds and river. I watch his glowing passage through the sky as I go about my business, and I think to myself “This is the last day I will live, I must make sure I am true to myself.” …. That is the lesson death teaches you, that every moment is precious, and must be cherished. Every tick of the clock, the revolution of those unassuming plastic hands, are counting down the remains of your life.

I have learned the importance of friendship, and knowing when to ask for a hug when I need one… Learning that emotions are not weakness, and laughter can heal the deepest wound… Learning to accept each mistake as a lesson, gathering knowledge from pain and chaos.

This phase of my life can be summed up in a single word: Evolution.

I suppose this is a good way to find yourself: Spend most of your life a hermit, learning inner pathways and the art of silence. Then fall head first, ass over teakettle, directly into a sudden firestorm of social exhistance… It definitely gives one a wider perspective on things… At least each mistake is a new one…”


5 thoughts on “Journal Entry 7/2/10

  1. lumpia2

    It means that the grace of your passing words strike a chord in my heart and has my mind singing with joy.

    Your physical grace might be a part of that too.


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