Journal Entry 7/30

“There is a beauty in the shattered remains of life, in the quiet death of an outdated mentality. There is a freedom in shedding your summer skin and basking in the expectation of Autumn, even while the sun is shining in your hair.

I have peeled away my redundant layers,  honed my flesh and bones like a sharp knife over steel, ’till my hard inner core was exposed to the world… Be careful, step lightly, these words I wield will cut you deeper than any blade.

Yet still I am a coward. A crab with a solid shell, that hides the tender flesh beneath. If you were to crack my defenses with a simple smile, you would find sweet meat to tantalize your taste buds.

I do not suggest you venture too deeply into my mind however, for this is still uncharted territory. It is a dark forest of endless possibility where tigers lurk quietly in the shadows, awaiting wayward travelers…. The lady or the tiger, you ask, and I will say “Both”.

I come equipped with extended claws, so don’t say I didn’t warn you… I am also empathetic, so I will lick the wounds I inflict and heal the pain of my passing.

I am a Priestess awaiting my Priest, a General awaiting my second, A Queen in search of a King… A gun awaiting some ammo.

I am clothed in the fabric of words, bursting at the seams, and I am about to explode all over you.”


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