Journal Entry 9/5

“Here, I am wrapped in silence. A perfect cocoon of solace, warm under the blankets on my bed, with only the rain to keep company with me.

Drip, drip through my open window, the smell of wet green things on the wind…

The alarm will soon break this moment. I will rise, get myself dressed, have a smoke, and be off to work before my sheets can cool…

For now I am just basking, soaking in this feeling of being comfortable like a lizard sunning himself on a rock. I am perfect here, in a mental space devoid of loud noises or pesky doubts. No second thoughts hound me like a morbid echo of my choices, and there is nobody to look at me in judgement.

Soon, soon I will be forced to face the world and all the curve balls it can wing in my direction, but that is a few minutes away… I have these precious moments with my notebook, the only person who always knows what to say. These little blue lines hold me snugly, I fit quite nicely in curve of words, a perfect convex to my concave…. The ideal lover for moonstruck mad-woman…”


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