Journal Entry 9/13

“The flames of love shine like stars after they’re gone. Basking in the shadows on my sleepless ceiling, I am hounded by all the words they do not say to me… Burned by the heat of my own anger, consumed in the furnace of my silence.

So many words I do not say.

Everyone wants something. They want you to be accommodating, fit inside their head… Make them comfortable with petty compliments and cheap talk… I am being suffocated by empty platitudes and weightless conversation. Drowned in a sea of people who see only what they wish to see, and nothing of what I truly am.

If you think I am a bit too obnoxious, that I take things a few steps too far, you are not the only one. I do not fit inside your head, or even this universe, and what you are witnessing is my act of desperation. Feast your eyes, and feel free to judge me.

My heart is caged behind this wall of wordless apathy and I am beating my wings against the bars of my prison… Singing all the pretty songs society expects me to… Trapped inside my flesh like a feral beast, no room for the soul to wiggle in the cell you have put me in… This little bird will serenade you, but I sing only classic rock.

I am so tired of living in the reflection of another’s eyes, if you don’t like me, vacate the fucking premises.

That is all I have to say.”


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