Jounal Entry 9/18

“Go ahead take a peek, have a taste, take a chance… I should not listen to my head, it tells me to do such unwise things… However I cannot listen to my heart either because the things it tells me are impossible to accomplish… Perhaps I should listen to my notebooks, they are of the opinion that I should just sit back and watch the show, see what happens and immortalize the whole thing in ink… Hmmm, choices.

vacillation, indecision, wishy-washy thoughts. I am hanging on the end of this little rope, swinging back and forth about the matter. Should I flip a coin do you think? Gaze into a crystal ball? Tarot cards? Ah bugger it, none of those things can truly know the future any more than a tea leaf knows the history of the East India Trading Company… Stymied, stuck and motionless, I sit right here and do absolutely nothing.

I think I may have lost my logic somewhere, if anyone sees it lying about please let me know.”


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