September Sunrise

The death of leaves give life to soil, feeds the fertile earth,

Through fire and rain pain and toil, a second chance rebirth,

The sun is thin as summer dies, lies limply on the grass,

In a pre-dawn light the heavens cry, for things that do not last,

Enter the touch of Autumn gloom, to chase the heat away,

The lingering blush of a rose’s bloom, recalls the month of May,

Notice the puddles begin to brood, in driveways and in lawns,

Weather creeps into your mood, as the mouth of winter yawns,

Find a book and a cozy fire, a friend to make you laugh,

Remember while wading in the muck and mire, this too shall swiftly pass,

Like removing a band-aid the pain is brief, the months will fall away,

Soon forgotten the frigid grief, when March comes out to play.




6 thoughts on “September Sunrise

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  2. thank you, i just found your (potenzmittelshop) comment in my spam quay, i apologize for not seeing it sooner. people never read any of my posts because i do not rant about the latest fashions 😉


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