Gone Fishing

Running, running, never seem to win the race… Always one step behind, in second place,

I could bring home a trophy of gold for a prize… Forever would remain inferior to your eyes, 

Once that would have twisted my heart with pain… Painted my world with a blackened stain,

Now I laugh at the folly of a meatless chase… The lack of understanding on your face,

A desire so absurd I had to shake my head… So hard in the beginning, just to get ahead,

Now I pass you by, like a breeze in the night… Leaving ghostly reflections in your sight,

I no longer care where your affections lay… Growing stronger with every passing day,

Of my past mistake I can only sigh… Riding shooting stars across an Autumn sky,

I shed the baggage of summer skin…  Found a utopian silence in the space within,

Speak wordless looks ’till your heart is sore… I’m not tuned to your frequency anymore.


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