Now, from the depths of soul, in a place that bares a flawless aspect and the spark of life, an idea is born. Weak and mewling, wobbling on the tender legs of hope, trying desperately to stand in a world of gravity and science… Or…

Bubbling up from the hot stew of Creation, a molten accumulation of preconceived notions and perspectives culminated into a single moment.

Right here,

Right now.

A perfect placement of emotion vs. environment generates a glorious utopia of silence, broken only by the drums of your own heartbeat.

Dance to the tune.

Listen to this emptiness as you would a rare symphony, a cocoon of space and solitude… Become the breath in your lungs, and the blood in your veins… exist in the temple of your body like an Empress or a King, presiding over the rushing highways of the nervous system with the deft hand of an artist…


This is your Self, and this is what it feels like to live in your own flesh.

This is your mind, and this is what it feels like to be conscious of it.


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