Journal Entry 10/5

“Yes, that was me. Driving off into the sunset like an old time cowgirl. Shotgun on my shoulder, hat pulled down low and fingers itching for a quick draw.

Yes, that was me. Laughing with abandon as I shed that weight, the heavy armor of a redundant defense.

Yes, that was me. Taking one wild chance and betting it all on a jack of hearts… Oh yeah, definitely won that hand.

Yes, that was me. Letting all of me just float away, let it slide right over your naked flesh and out the open window.

Yes, that was me.”


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 10/5

  1. i love your style of writing! so bold, and sexy and raw! I love it!!!!! Please consider joining my site Social Muze?!?!? 🙂 You can access it from my “Creative Playground” tab on my blog! 🙂 At least take a peak? 🙂 You would make a great addition!


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