From Sunrise To Sunset

One cup of coffee, just a cup o’ jo,

With sunshine on my back,

This chamber of ink, will never know,

All the words I lack,


An Autumn rain of golden leaves,

Dances ’round my table,

I sway within, I bob and weave,

As well as I am able,


Feeling you swim inside my blood,

When will you make your move?

Your words create an amber flood,

There is nothing left to prove,


From this mountain top I shout your name,

Silence fills my ears,

I would cease to play the Hunter’s game,

For a friend to calm these fears,


A fading echo of my lonely call,

Bounces ’round the cliffs,

So easy now to sway and fall,

On hope, and on what ifs,


These wings were made for starlit flight,

Not to plummet to a careless earth,

So in my silent, solitary fight,

I discover my rebirth,


Humming to myself in a bluesy tune,

It’s John Lee Hooker time,

Hearing your voice in the call of a loon,

This sunset bares the signs,


Sitting with a beer, in a mild brood,

I shuffle and I sigh,

The stereo sets a perfect mood,

For a fortune teller’s sky.


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