Don’t Wanna Be A Player 10/09

So I tossed you off, kicking and screaming, from the cliff’s edge of my brain,

Faintly heard, your lonely cry, as you registered the pain,

I’m empathetic and could not turn, from a hand outstretched in grief,

Remembered truth reflected there, however slight or brief,

So I’ll take your hand when the winter is cold, and shed a poet’s light,

across an ocean of tears, a mountain of sorrow, into your wanting sight,

My heart has walls now between your smile, and those knowing eyes,

Where no hurt gets through I wear a smile, such a cheap disguise,

I never wanted everything, though I’m sure you thought I did,

Misconceptions are everywhere, on the surface I slipped and slid,

‘Cuz your frigid, icy, like a frozen lake, and hard like a rocky peak,

I could find no toe-hold or solid grip, on the empty words you speak,

But if you ever find some truth to share, on which you will not choke,

I’ll be ‘standing by’ with open arms, despite the words I wrote,

Yes I know the pain of a friendless life, when every smile is lost,

So I’ll lend my time and my advice, no matter what the cost,

But don’t expect a mirical, don’t expect me to give in,

Just because your heart is thawing, and the ice is getting thin,

Oh I’ve reached out once already and was burned within your fire,

And it wasn’t with the flames of passion, or reckless hot desire,

You have made it clear just where I stand, and here I’m going to stay,

So don’t pass the ball, don’t deal me in, ‘cuz I’m not gonna play.



One thought on “Don’t Wanna Be A Player 10/09

  1. just noticed how many times i use song references in my poetry… ‘dont wanna be a player’ ‘standing by’ ‘ocean of tears’…. not to mention how many times patsy cline makes an appearance in the others… hmmm


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