On A Shelf 8/09

I lay there beside you, while my arms lay empty,

                        Cold, alone, unwanted….


perhaps you feared what I would ask of you, perhaps you feared yourself,

That’s one reason I can understand, for you to put me on a shelf,

You toy with me and pluck my heartstrings, playing them like a fiddle,

Each moment weighing on my mind, to you means very little,

Just a toy or a broken fancy, good only for your play,

In vain do I remind myself, to ignore the things you say,

I know I am not what you want, but I care not at all,

Still I bend over backward to please you, and come each time you call,

A simple crook of that finger or slightest smile, there I am at your feet,

I don’t know why and I can’t explain, I’m just lying on your sheets,

Foolhardy lonely crab, be more careful with your heart,

This love you give is not returned, it can tear your smile apart,

Stars are not for wishing on, although you sigh and yearn,

If you reach that high you best be warned, that kind of beauty burns.


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