Journal Entry 11/22/10

“Ah yes, the snow has come. Pristine, white and flawless, it hides the litter that is scattered in the weeds. It hides the fallen boughs from Autumn winds. It hides the tools I forgot to retrieve from my yard….

Slip and slide, take a ride, on the ice floes of a wayward thought.  With the slow patience of a glacier, winter crawls down from the peaks and touches my heart with a frigid hand.

No, I will not seek your aid or friendship… I will cocoon myself on the hill, the Ice Queen presiding over my featureless expanse of white.

My notebooks will bear the brunt of my tortured thoughts, I will not burden you with my issues. Have no fear, your universe is no more in danger of my twisted influence.

I always get bit by the writing bug when my heart gets too full… I just tend to explode all over the pages… As if my soul has reached critical mass…

If I thought you could understand, I may even bother trying to explain… But I see you are splashing in the shallow end of the gene pool, you must never have learned to swim.”


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