Letting Go

Sitting in a moment, with a tear on my page,

 And voices in my ear,

Learning to tame my beast, my rage,

  Sail the darkest fears,


A mistake I made, so long ago,

 To think you were my friend,

A vacillation, a to and fro,

From the messages you send,


I don’t know how you broke my heart,

Or held it in your hand,

How empty words tore me apart,

 I will never understand,


Yet my pen grows weary of writing your name,

 On countless lines of ink,

Neither one knows where to lay the blame,

 Or the guts to jump the brink,


When your bed is empty and your thoughts are cold,

Don’t bother to reach for me,

I will let you fall with the dreams you sold,

And those demons that you feed,


You cried wolf one too many times,

I no longer heed your call,

I’m learning how to read the signs,

That you never cared at all,


Go find some other saving grace,

And a place to wipe your feet,

Take that smile off your face,

You know I have been beat,


So plant your flag wherever you like,

On this bloody battle ground,

It only takes one song, one night,

And my walls will tumble down,


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