Journal Entry 12/19

“Ok… I am currently on a mission, a pilgrimage if you will, into the depths of me… I was lost for a while, mistaking the rush of my daily existence for some sort of progress… My heart so empty that a passing smile or easy laugh from another seemed to fill it completely.

   ‘Where have I gone?’ I came to ask myself, and had no answer.

   So here I am.

   For the next five days I will be here, in this place of quiet solitude, where I may delve with impunity into the depths of me and face whatever I may find there.

   The dogs here are crazy, they chew on pillows, carpets, firewood and each other. They don’t bother me much however, they have learned to listen the first time… Dogs don’t like getting the ol’ Kelley Rose stare down.

   I feel impelled to write, but I feel also that it is more important to understand first. To really SEE, so that my writing of it becomes more worthy. I have decided to take time for me. To look at the whole world of confusion, lies, friends, enemies, weirdos, poets, hippies, gardeners, painters, tattooed freaks, house wives, reporters and all those who have a place in my heart and just say ‘I’m sorry, I don’t really care at the moment. Continue on with your lives, let the world keep spinning around and just leave me out of it for a while.’ Fiat.

   I think I will write a short story, I have no idea what it will be about… But I think I should write it…. Clear the air, so to speak…


   You will be hearing a lot from me in the next few days my snowy blog, I will likely assail you with my tortured inner ramblings and run-on sentences… I apologize in advance.”



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