Come Home To Me

Do you hear me I wonder, when I call to you aloud? Across oceans and lifetimes…The broken cast away pieces of me, do they wash up on your shore? Like little pleas for mercy, wrapped inside a bottle, catching any wayward current that will bring them to your feet?

When the night is full of only darkness, and there is no hand to grasp, is it my face you see? As I see yours?

If I have ever met you, if our paths have ever crossed, I did not catch your name. I did not know of the beauty passing me by like a warm southern wind, but I’m sure I felt it brush my cheek. I must have smiled with a personal wanting, never knowing the cause of my happiness.

One day I will catch you, like the hunter’s ultimate prize, or like a delicate butterfly resting in my net. Then I will show you the joys of being consumed, and the feeling of being cherished. I will not mount you on my wall, stuff you with cotton in a parody of life, nor will I pin your delicate wings under glass. I will send you soaring into the pristine skies, and see you run with abandon in a sunny wood.

I would give to you freedom, if you could only find your way into my arms… Where are you?


3 thoughts on “Come Home To Me

  1. Freedom Jo

    I am following the dream of pristine skies as I free my wings from the muddy limitations of yesteryear… believing in the muses song… believing in the beauty of which the wind so gently speaks… the soft recollection of warmth and sacred naming… I am following this dream, yes, yes…


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