Journal Entry 1/13

Lounging in my own head on the fluffy cushions of my wanting, toying idly with a memory. Examining it like I would a rare jewel, turning it this way and that, watching the play of light on glowing facets.

I could lie here forever, with nothing to do and no place to go. I could fall into the welcoming abyss of thought, letting Armageddon just pass right on by… I could sup on the leavings of each bone you throw my way, and never go hungry.

Emerging into reality with the sharp sound of my alarm clock, I am shaken rudely from solitude. Jilted and jolted, head rattling around disjointed images, I fumble for a smoke.

I almost had it, that long awaited epiphany, the perfect culmination of moments. Now I am beaten soundly by morning sunlight, and my thoughts have been scattered to the four winds.

Another day waits outside my door, peering impatiently into my windows. I sigh at my blank page in passing for all the wonders it will never know, and step out to face Thursday.


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