Journal Entry 1/27

“Took a little walk on the wild side, a spontaneous romp into that unspecified grey area where there is no distinct direction. A weightless, thoughtless moment when all of me was content to simply breath in and out, eyes roving on new horizons… A place where salt teased about the wind, waves whispered gently on the pebbles, and twisted madrona trees bared their trunks to the spray. Where friends were easy to come by and the all the beauty of the world lay at our feet, we anticipated that brief ray of sunshine on a cloudy bay.

I am smiling inside as my soul recalls this mini vacation over the rainbow, wishing only that someone could share my joy… I have found my silver lining however, and my heart is no longer empty when it holds the tides of the ocean.



3 thoughts on “Journal Entry 1/27

  1. Freedom Jo

    Consistently brilliant… may our paths intertwine again soon and may shared journey mean shared beauty and let song replace sorrow and laughter lonliness… cum pei!


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