Journal Entry 2/4

“Have you ever awoken with a spiritual hang-over? A pain in your head and a pain in your heart that has nothing to do with the beer you drank the night before? Have you ever held your aching bones with a fierce grip, as if you were holding onto your sanity with a tenuous embrace? Have you ever looked into the recess of your mind and found it full of echoes from the past? A cluttered pandemonium of instances branded with a hot iron into the space behind your eyes, like the shadows of sunlight in closed lids.

Brushing away the cobwebs of doubt and confusion, I reach for a cigarette and ignore the barely controlled chaos caused from my night out thinking. It is time to face the world, put on some big girl panties and deal with it, I have no time for melodramatic moping.

Back to work, back to the grind, and hopefully back onto solid ground.”


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 2/4

  1. john

    In the sheer non-virtual world in which you reside there is a hint of desperate longing for something that can be just yours and yours alone!


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