Journal Entry 2/8

“Today a ray of sunshine, simple yet glorious, lit a swath of lake Washington in the early morning hours. Purple swollen cloud banks retreated  in the face of a clear blue sky, drifting up into the mountains to mutter in the pines.

I grinned like a fool, tapping the steering wheel along with Jack Johnson, making my way to work.

It’s the kind of day that couldn’t be ruined should a Mack truck plow me over.

This is my moment, right here, the one I have been waiting for… My wings can barely fit into the cab of this truck.”


4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 2/8

  1. john

    I relly like this one, velcro will help with the wings…..and some times not too often……..them pines and wind muttering, really interfere with my metal detecting,……can’t hear the beep!


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