Valentine’s Day

I could speak of love, and the comforting embrace of another’s smile… I could speak of the fires of desire and how they can warm the coldest night, even if the bed is empty… I could speak of friendships, laughter, a heart grown too large to hold… But I will speak of none of these things.

Instead I will speak of unexpected kindness, a lucky penny where you least expect it, quiet moments with just the right soundtrack, a sunset in the rain, a call on your cell phone… All the little things that assure you that you are loved.

It is a day for that four letter word to go stampeding about your emotions like a bull in a china cabinet. So to all of you who have empty hands on this drizzly Monday, I hereby give you the gift of a single red rose, and a kiss on your tear stained cheek.

Be well, be loved… And be strong.


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. john

    today it was final! the terrible rending of my mind and soul set free by the sound of an uninterested,judge who would rather be home with his loved ones, rather be any where, but sitting there having to decide my fate. and so it came, I could feel the high arc the ax made as it began it’s swift decent to my neck and I closed my eyes in anticipation of the end……..but no! how can this be? did he stop? has he missed? alas no! I see and hear the ax imbedded deep in the heart of the cause of my pain..and I have been exonerated….I AM FREE!……happy valentines day to me.


  2. congratulations John, you have surpassed the pain and anguish of your mortal coil and transcended the mundane drag of a careless world. That newer, more apathetic version of the ‘old you’ has been vanquished by the blade of righteous change. Forcing the universe to accommodate your growing wings of epiphany, you step boldly into your tomorrow. What a precious biscuit you are 🙂


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