The Ice Queen

Such a tidal wave one tear can make in the waters of emotion…

I’m done with the games, the falsity, the people who cannot face their own emotion, those who run from themselves…

I am taking the reins of my life firmly by the hand, and I am keeping well away from the shadows.

I love too much, too easily, too rashly, and with a wild abandon… So I will love no more.

No longer looking, just longing.

One day perhaps it will be different. Maybe some day I will find someone who does not run from my imperfections, a person who holds me firmly so I cannot run away…

Until then I am here, I am alone, and I am an island.



9 thoughts on “The Ice Queen

    1. john

      life tends to a kalidascope of events and choices,… you see black and white,or can you see the colors of life that surround you… a distance as she does??


  1. john

    long days of drifting, rowing, and drifting, and rowing on the sea of hope and longing, despair abounds like the endless nights at the mercy of the sea. but morning comes and with the sun, a sight! could it be? in the distance as the haze lifts slightly,….it is!… Island! such a small place with high rocky cliffs and a foreboding look, but land at last. “this could be my home” said he! even an Island such as this will provide sustanance, for the weary soul and aching heart of the one who respectfully comes to claim it!


  2. nobody will claim this island, for it already has a master… No man woman or godling can compare to the dark passion of black glistening ink on a virgin page… Sail your vessels onward sailors, for it may seem like safe harbor here, but jagged rocks lurk just beneath the surface to rip open your keel and sink you to the watery depths… In short: Go away.


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