Singing At Midnight

Did you see it, just there, my name dancing on the breeze? It whispered in the pines, wandered in the stars, and brushed your upturned brow. It was subtle and gentle, like the wing of a moth in the darkness.

It was not an invitation, no Siren’s song to lure you onward, just a reminder. A warning if you will, about the dangers of playing with fire. I learned my lesson well, dipping my hands into cool soothing waters for a drink, no more do I bask in the heat of your gaze. The flames of your words cauterised the wounds you yourself inflicted, and they are healing quite well.

Sometimes I am still tempted to bite, even knowing the hook lurks jus beneath the surface… Each time I catch myself right before I fall… I have been to the bottom of that cliff, and I know there is nobody there to catch me.

So I sing in the trees  at midnight when the moon is full, and sometimes it reaches you in your empty bed. Drifts around the room like a ghost from the past, just outside of your hearing, but close enough to make you sigh.

And that is where I will remain.


4 thoughts on “Singing At Midnight

  1. john

    Alas…I did not see your name on the breeze,..all tho it could have been you making that small noise in the trees.
    I have never expected an invite, song, or lure,
    but of the warning I am sure. It plays all to well within the wiring, and playbacks of my own private hell!
    Even so,….sometimes,….the temptation is very strong, not to bite,
    but to just jerk on the line… to see if I am wrong.
    So I shall listen for your song when the moon is full….or not!
    An wait for the time when the song that’s heard,…comes closer…lower, and perhaps,……another song will slowly rise,..and whisper threw the pines when the moon is full……..


    1. john

      I know…..was just enjoying the inspiration, to see of course which way the the path would lead……..Personally I kind of enjoyed the thought!


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