Summer Dreams

A retreat into the sounds of summer, where sweet grass tickles my legs, warm sand hugs my bare toes, and kamikaze hummingbirds assault my red tank top.

Pausing where the moss is cool in the shade of a cedar grove, inhaling the secret, musky smell of damp earth. Baring my breasts to sunshine kisses on a rocky river bed, watching eagles high up on thermals.

Softball in the park, grass stains on my knees, fires in the backwoods, and fishing at midnight. Long drives to catch the sunset, hikes with a beer that take all day, and hours of lounging for no reason at all.

NPR on Saturdays with coffee and eggs, gardening in my robe with my pockets full of root beer barrels. Playing monster with the dogs and skipping stones on the water, singing to myself and writing in my head.

The hood of my jeep, lounging, with the metal slowly cooling beneath me with a ‘tick’. A friend full of laughter, getting drunk on summer winds, a dog that shakes all over you.


The air is chill, peaks are still wearing their winter robes of white, but there are daisies dancing in my head… I can smell the summer, taste those huckleberries on my lips, feel the caress of sunshine on my skin, and I am warmed…

Almost, almost…


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