Moon Dancing

Whispers on the wind, a little sway in the boughs of thought…

   Have I said this before? Have I been here already?


Grasping onto sanity, while the world spins around me…

   Dizzy with the convolutions of reality,


You look familiar, perhaps I met you in a dream once…

   Maybe I am dreaming right now,


Holding on to the tail of the comet, riding into the ether…

   It burns a bit, but at least it keeps me warm,


I know my head makes no sence out of context, but…

   Just go with me for a bit,


     Just go with me for a bit…


 I’ve learned through the stars and scars however…

   That it does not take two to tango,


More often than not I find myself dancing beneath the moon…

   With no name riding on my lips,


                      Just the sway of lonely hips.


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