Journal Entry 3/15

   “Such a silly beastling I have shown myself to be… Frolicking with the wild ones in the dark of night, shedding layers of rationality and good sence with every passing moment… How do I find myself in these situations? I laugh at myself, at the folly of my enjoyment, at the knowlege of an empty bed later… So silly, you would think that I had learned my lesson.

   When the meat is hot and runs away quickly, I find a joy in the chase… Not really expecting a prize at the end, knowing full well that nobody plays by the rules I do, I still find sustenence to fill my belly… Even a well-chewed bone can be a tasty treat for a hungry tiger…

   Such a hungry tiger…

   If I were a better person, I would take this moment to warn you, push you away, throw up my walls, but… I am not that lass. I will enjoy the consumation of my hunger with every move you make to thwart me… Yes, I have learned to have fun playing my own games… And no, I will not share with you the perameters, it is better to watch your confusion.

   I’m not out to conqure, there is nothing here I wish to plunder… Except perhaps that little sparkle I see briefly in your eyes on occasion. That one still makes my mouth water…”


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