An Evening Pallet

   Only one light blinks on a ‘road closed’ sign,

A beer lightens in my hand,

   A maze of moments caught in my mind,

Trying hard to understand,


   Blocked, no longer dancing on this broken trail,

Where once we flew with wings,

   Even the steadfast mountain has crumbled and failed,

Buried the songs we used to sing,


   In the rustling tree boughs the whisper of sun,

The memory of smiles,

   Now lives only in a heart that could not run,

From the sweetest summer whiles,


   This little ‘click’ speaks my state of mind,

Another one bites the dust,

   All I felt is now redundant, left behind,

In a world of the evening lush,


   A moth flies briefly past my ears,

They will always remind me of you,

   When the night is dark and wet with tears,

I’ll paint my pallet blue.


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