The Forest Cries

There is a silence in the woodland, where trees shiver in the wind. The green blush of fresh spring leaves is being suffocated under the oppressive grey of heavy skies.

Damp and soggy, my seat on a mossy log, where the echoes of radio waves dance on my brain.

A bitter taste on my tongue, left there by the rancid words so recently in my mouth. Masticating the past conversation now locked behind my teeth with a slight frown.

Toes going numb, hardly noticed in the midst of distraction, swaying slightly to the soundtrack that accompanies the moment.

Eyes are much drier than these dripping boughs, for sadness is a steadfast bed partner these days, and seems to be the only constant in my life.

The sound of the river is distant here, but still the sinuous whisper drifts through the forest and finds my ears.

“Shhh” she says to me, and I smile with a wanting… A very small smile, where nobody can see me.


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