Cosmic Gypsy

On a lonely highway of celestial bodies, my soul will cruise with the top down. Stardust freckles my earthbound skin and comets chase me with a grin. The wandering rays of distant suns dazzle my eyes, and the cosmic winds tangle up in my hair.  

Like an astral gypsy with no idea where I may be going, but all the time in the world to get there, I put the pedal to the metaphorical metal.

Don’t bother swinging by my house today, there is nobody home. Leave a message on my door, and if I ever descend from the heights of cloud nine, I’ll get back to ya.

But the weather is great up here and there are no radio waves to tangle my heart strings, so I may just make a new home for myself on the moons of Jupiter… Where I have a good view of Vesta from my front door.


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