Laws Of Relativity

Wringing, pounding, stripping humanity from the voice of reason. Carefully twisting all of the known parameters, until you have no choice but to dance to their tunes if you want to survive… You are not necessarily obligated to do these things, they say, but we will punish you if you do not. You can live a happily painless life with your American dream and your white picket fence, there are only a few rules you will have to follow…

You can do anything you like, as long as you do it our way. You can believe anything you like, as long as you keep it to your self. You can say whatever you like, as long as you do not say it too loudly, or to the wrong person. You can love anyone you like, but if we do not like your choice we are free to leave you outside of our laws.

If you can learn to be your own entity inside of our great machine we will welcome you with open arms and feed you money till you die… But if you insist on going your own way, we will make you crawl and beg, scrape and bleed, till you come starving to our table for a scrap- and we are generous, so we may just give you one.

So go ahead, feel free…


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