Journal Entry 5/17

“And to you who reads my words with deaf ears that do not hear them. To you who stood before me with blind eyes that did not see me. To you with the stone heart who found it so easy not to feel. To you with the reaching hand who offered me nothing. To you whom I gave my trust, and was trampled on in your haste to surpass me. To you who claimed to love me, and loved only the use you had for me. To you who never had the courage to be truthful. To you who made me smile when your dismissal tore me apart. To you who made me write in hidden pages in the night. To you who taught me pain could be delivered on a wave of laughter. To you who showed me beauty, only to rip it away so lightly. To you who shot me down, treated me like a child, made me love and laugh, you who judged me for finding the comfort you were never willing to give…

I wish only the best for you.

May you never need to search for a reason to rise from your bed in the morning. May you never love a person who gives you sorrow and you thank them for it. May you never be taken lightly as you bleed at some bodies feet. May you never learn to lie to yourself. May you never burn a torch for one who enjoys their darkness. May you never be broken by three simple words. May your heart never burn as mine has… May you find only peace and love. May the sunshine darken your skin and the waves whisper gently to your soul. May the warm sand hold you like a lover, and the breeze dry the tears on your cheeks. May the sunrise glow behind your eyelids, even at midnight.

Thank you for all the memories and the sadness. Thank you for being such a lovable asshole. Thank you from the bottom of my silly, emotional, confused and wholly female broken heart.”


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