Journal Entry 5/19

“Laughing at the little things, the wayward memory that creeps in and finds the ticklish spot right below my ribs. Makes me start and giggle with an unexpected suddenness.

Top down, wind in my hair, the perfect song stroking my ear lobes, driving past the places where too many solitary nights were spent in contemplation. I smile like a fool and drop it into 1st. A little spin on the back road and a loud woop to the mountain air.

It my be sunny and warm, but no puddle can hide from Wild Woman on the prowl. Hunting out the hidden shadows where the muddy water lingers, I take a refreshing shower in the holy grime. Grinning as I crunch the dirt in my mouth, wiping the splatter from my forehead, splashing in the river to cool off.

Startling the robins as I head back up the trail, enjoying the view from my hidden oasis… A victory beer is in order…

Who says it takes two to tango? ‘Round here, we make our own fun…

Splattered and speckled, I cruise into town as if nothing ever happened…

‘Don’t mind me, just another heathen dirt worshiper out for some afternoon prayer.’ “


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