Journal Entry 5/26

“Yes, I’m learning… Learning that I can be pushed right off the cliff and fly away on wings of poetry. Learning that I can be bent and twisted, altered and fractured, but never break in the storm of change. Learning that an empty bed is a nice thing, I don’t have to share my pillow and I can mutter to myself without an audience. Learning that my pages speak only the words I can articulate, and never the ones too big for me to fit in my mouth. Learning that all those times I thought I fell down in the dirt, I was only getting a better view of the earth. Learning that all those tears I was so embarrassed to shed were only watering my soul.

Yes, I am learning, and  I am a very good student… Making little notes to myself and highlighting the important bits. My voice recorder is filled to capacity with all the midnight mumblings from the end of May.

Each sunrise takes me a little farther away, makes me a little bit stronger, teaches me one more lesson…

All of Spring is blooming around me and my nostrils are filled with the roadside blooms and whispering pines… I have learned to stop and smell the roses…”


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