Journal Entry 6/19

“…I have noticed how the people I have met here reflect their landscape so consistently; hot headed and aggressive like the summer sky, brittle and full of hidden barbs like the grass, hard and sharp with a lurking quality like the stones scattered in the fields, excessively chattering 24/7 like the birds… These minds are a large expanse of emptiness like the yellow hills, with an occasional oasis of breathtaking beauty… What an interesting place to be… I’m not passing judgement on the entire state of California, just the small part of it I’m currently passing through…

The wind is dry and tasteless in the low lands, but in the mountains it is as sweet as wild honey. An orange tree and a magnolia outside the door, peering in as I write…

 Oak trees are gathered in a quiet grove a short walk from here. A stream wanders in their midst, where dragonflies sparkle like aerial blossoms and  sunspots dance on the red earth. In a moment I will wander in that direction and fill my ears with the sounds of the wood, but for now I turn up the stereo and smile at some Led Zeplin…

Down in the valley my thoughts sit placid and sluggish in the heat like a lake, but in the mountains they tumble and flow like a river… On those hot blistering days when the sun beats down with a merciless oppression I feel like my wits are leaking out of my ears, baking in my skull, pouring out into the endlessly flat landscape. It is all I can do to sprawl in the nearest patch of shade and pray feebly for a kindly breeze…

Ahh, but in the evening there is an awakening. When the red sun sets the moon will hold her sway, and sway she will. Over the reflective blades of bleached white grass she will pull the tides of the blood with a profound power. It is impossible to stand in the open fields of midnight with the stars wheeling above you, floating in a sea of these silver waves, without feeling the pull of heartstrings… She plucks those emotions within me till I sing from my hillside into the endless horizon.”


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