Journal Entry 6/27

“The world turns slowly in a world of coffee cups and sunshine. Each subtle tick of the clock illustrates a thousand tiny dreams that parade behind my eyelids when I blink. In a place where trees sway, crickets sing, smoke drifts into the rafters and feet are covered in tar balls, I will shed my summer skin. Here I feel my pen dancing on a page that laughs with abandon, and my unfettered imagination takes flight into your skies.

Feeling somehow that I am in the perfect place…

A day passed yesterday just like any other, but it held the death of my past. The sun rose in the east that morning as it usually does, setting in it’s costomary valley to the west, and to any other eyes would have been seen as unremarkable. Mine however watched the hours and counted the moments. This gaze of mine was knowing of every drop of sunshine that lingered in the trees, and every touch of wind was a blessing. It was only the 26th of June, not marked on any calendar or shouted from the mountaintops, but to me it is a celebration of life… How many days out of the year can you sit back to enjoy the fact that you are alive? How often can you take the time to watch a day passing with a contentment and lassitude, exalting in the sensation of breath in your lungs?

One day out of the year, I like to be selfish and spoil myself with a little slow living. How do you celebrate your birthday?

Mine was spent in a lawn chair, with my toes in the grass and a flower in my hair. It was spent gazing at the trees and dancing slowly to my own silent music. Walking in the sand and cold drinks on ice. Laughing at my own jokes and postulating to people who humored me by listening… No grand happening, no over indulgence or risky living, just a really good day and the time to enjoy it thoroughly… What more could a girl ask for?”



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