Journal Entry 7/14

“Yesterday I was stunned and dazzled by the sparkling display of your bright imagery… yesterday I was Running my tongue lightly over my teeth, tucking it into the secret softness of my inner cheek, tasting and rolling the flavor of you in my mouth…

My song “you smoke the day’s last cigarette, remembering what she said…”

Those words that dripped like sweet mountain honey, but I was the hapless fly who got mired within them, struggling in vain to extricate myself from your tasty little trap…

Yes, yesterday love was such and easy game to play, but today I have no place to hide… Today I strain and contort, writhe and squirm, still unable to find release… Today that sweetness has soured and I am all too aware of the danger…

Yes, they say that sugar makes a better bait then meat, and I would have to agree… I’m a fruit fly. Give me a nice ripe melon, juicy and soft, and I’m gonna go buzz all over it…

Do you have the answers? Should I just ride this one out do you think? Fight till the death? Bare my throat and be done with it? Why am I asking you, You’re only a mute piece of paper living enslaved to the whims of my pen?”


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 7/14

  1. john

    I have extra tobacco, and will share, but don’t know where, so …I hope the one I’m smoking now finds it’s way down the mountain, and tickles your nose just enough to thank you for the invite to the art festival.


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